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Configure Webflow to my GoDaddy domain (SOLVED)

Hello everyone,

I’m actually hosting a website in WIX and i bought a domain that I manage with godaddy and put the Wix DNS.

I Created now a website in Wix and i want to go premium to put this site online instead of the one in WIX. I already red the help ( but i didn’t understand very well.

Could smb help me please?

This is what i have to configure:

Thank you very much.

Does anyone here have a GoDaddy account that can provide assistance?

@ollo - Try resetting the Nameservers back to GoDaddy’s default. Then what you’ll need to do is add two A-Records on your root domain to point to the Webflow IP addresses. The two IPs are:

Try contacting Godaddy if you need help using their dashboards.

Hi @ollo,

Bryant is right in the resetting of your Nameservers. All you have to do is click on the ‘Manage’ link in the Nameservers section of the screenshot you attached. This will open a pop-up with the option to change to ‘Standard’:

From here you go to the DNS Zone File tab at the top of the page and edit two things:

  1. Add new A Records
  2. Add new CNAME record

Once you are finished this page should look something like this:

Once this is complete, you can go back to your Webflow dashboard and ‘Check Status’ of your Custom Domain. It should give you the green light to ‘Publish’ your page and your custom domain should be good to go (can take time before the change is made by GoDaddy, but I’ve had luck with them doing it within minutes).

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much brryant and thank you very much Mat. I did every thing you told me. If this works i’ll cancel immediately my subscription to WIX and go Premium!



Please feel free to ask additional questions if it doesn’t work.


It’s working. Thanks guys!

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