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Linking Webflow Site to Custom Domain

I need to get the DNS records for webflow. My domain is with Godaddy, and I don’t want to break the connection. I have saved my old site with a subdomain, and it will disappear if I link my domain name to Webflow in the way it is described here:

So instead, I want to point my domain (with GoDaddy) to you (Webflow). Can I get the IP address for A record.

The site I’m building with Webflow is

Thank you,
Susie Post-Rust

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Go to your Site’s Settings dashboard, in the Hosting tab, add your domain, don’t forget to check SSL, then right there Webflow gives you all the DNS info you need to setup your records at GoDaddy.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your help. I’ve done everything you suggested, and I’m still struggling here. I am going to attach a screenshot from Webflow when I did what you said. Then I went to Godaddy, and I’m attaching a screenhot of what my DNS info looks like there. It seems that it should be working, but something isn’t right. Will you please tell me what else I need to do? The subdomain “old” is something I wanted to leave. It’s my old site.

thank you!

Hi one more time, the folks at Godaddy helped me! It’s taken care of!!!

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