Components Issues

Maybe it’s just me but the new components function is a pain to work with. Before with symbols, I could just double click into one, make the changes I need, click out and be done with it. Components just make everything more complicated. I’m having to rebuild most of my client footers because it’s just to much of a pain to make edits them now that they were converted to components. Webflow please go back to symbols or give the option to do on or the other. I get the reason behind components but the usability, at least for me, just adds more work and wastes my time.

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Wholeheartedly agree, Components is a total mess.

Did anybody actually think it was something we needed? We already had classes, and we already had Symbols. Why did we need this mess of a halfway house?

As you say, now it’s become time-consuming and now the popup that said “you are editing x number of instances” has vanished. Components was confusing, and now its ridiculously confusing.

As I said to their dev team on Zoom, I’m now less likely to use them, as it behaves erratically, and I no longer trust what’s going on. A big backwards step.

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I guess components can be confusing at first when you are used to symbols but they’re actually making a lot more sense than symbols.

Basically everything stayed the same for you. Just remember that if you want to make global changes click the “edit component” button.

If you want to make changes that only affect the instance of the component that you are looking at, you can double click.