Symbols converted to Component bug

Webflow converted my symbols to components without asking me and now I have to rebuild my clients website footer. I don’t have time at the moment to watch a bunch of tutorials on how components work but so far I don’t like the interface for them. Again I have no idea how they work yet but the fact that my symbols were converted to them without asking me first and in doing so jacked up all the styling I had in place really makes me mad.

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Hi @simplyumedia
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The “Components” is just a new name for the Symbols. The general idea and behaviour is the same - An element that can be duplicated identically throughout the website, and any change to it will happen on all instances simultaneously.

One big difference in the new “Components” is that you can override changes per instance. Meaning, if you want that all elements will have the same text, but only in one specific use you want different text, you can do that easily.

Bottom line, there’s no reason to ‘rebuild’ a footer because it is now called a component.

If you want some specific help DM me :smiley: