Fighting with the new symbol editing flow

Something changed yesterday in the way symbol editing flows.
When I go to my sites header/footer symbols to edit an existing link’s text it now goes into the ‘local instance’ edit mode, rather than editing across all instances of a symbol. Maybe this is a temporary bug.

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 8.56.16 AM

I have to click ‘edit component’ to make edits across instances. People are going to make local edits to the homepage thinking they’re editing the symbol across the site…

My feedback:

  1. More often than not I want to edit across all instances of a symbol, it should be the default behavior (as it was up until yesterday.)
  2. The wording for editing local instance mode is very vague … ‘create’ , ‘edit component’ don’t communicate the nature of the edits, how about ‘edit local instance’, ‘edit symbol globally’ etc.
    Thank you for listening.

…found the same thing. In testing yesterday on a navbar I found I was changing the menu buttons locally and not globally, which is a big change in expected behaviour.

After testing it a bit more, I’m liking the new way the components are working quite a lot. But this work flow change really needs to be flagged a bit more prominently.

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Have to agree, I first noticed the change maybe 2 weeks ago, and it was weird. But I grew to like it fast. There are a few new limitations, but they are mostly minor and well worth the new capability.

When you realize what you can do with it, you’ll use it heavily… hero sections, CTA sections, testimonials, all the good stuff.

Worth watching the Components section and the Libraries section of the recent keynote if you’re not clear why they’ve taken this direction.