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Ability to create private forum/discussion on Webflow hosted site


I have created a blog website using webflow, I was just about to go live but then noticed there isn’t anywhere for people to comment as per usual blog sites.

Is there a way in webflow to add this function?

I have looked at webflows own blog and they have an active comment function so I am sure it must be possible. Can somebody please help ASAP as I am ready to go live.

many thanks

Hi, there is no comment function currently, however you can signup for a free disqus account at and from there, you can get the Universal embed code, that you can simply paste into an Embed widget and place on your page. This is one good option, but there may be others for you to check on. I have personally tested Disqus out with Webflow generated sites and it works pretty good if you want readers to comment on your published articles/pages.

p.s. The comments on the Webflow blog, are done using Disqus also. :smile:

Hi Dave, is there also a solution to make a “Private”.

Hi @Koen, do you mean keep comments private in disqus or another solution? Could you describe how the function would work?

Thanks for answering Dave, i am ask to build a small intranet, they need a forum, like disqus. But you can’t makenthat totally private (what i know) and off course inwant to build it in Webflow! :wink:

Hi @Koen, right I understand. Yes, at the moment, in order to do that would need a custom code solution.