Combo Classes attaching to regular Class within a Slider

I have an image slider in which I placed different background images overlaid with text labels within div blocks. I have about 7 seven images and each label needs to be a different size based on how long the description is and all of the labels are the same class. I know that webflow responds to the length of text and changes the size for you, but in certain cases I want to override this and control how big the label is. So I tried adding a combo class to the labels that I want to change the size, but the combo class just becomes attached to the parent class, and then all of my labels adopt the same combo class, which completely defeats the purpose of a combo class. Is there some simple setting that I am missing or do I have to go in and redo each of these labels under a different parent class?


Could you please post a read only link to your site so we can replicate the problem.

Combo classes shouldn’t affect the the parent element though. Even if there is multiple parent elements sharing the same class. Once you share a link it will be easier to find the source of your problem :slight_smile: