Combo Class - Assuming User Error?

From the desktop view, I add a combo class (example: section>desktop) and it automatically gets added to the smaller views (tablet, mobile land, portrait) then when I go into smaller views (example mobile portrait) and add a combo class, it copies exactly the same to desktop – if I rename it section>mobile-p it then renames the desktop. I am kind of tired, cannot find the answer - what dumb thing am I doing?

Tried adding combo to the section then container even the slide section, does it on all.

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Hello @nimoyandpizza

You can’t add a class to just one view, but you can styling to a class based on the viewport.

Learn more about classes here > Classes | Webflow University


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hi @PeterDimitrov while @PeterDimitrov is right and it will be for you simples solution. You can toggle class based on viewport width but it need custom JS. Here is a simple example if you will ever need it. :wink:


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