Classes do not differ. When I make a combo class or rename the class, every instance of the class changes too

When I make a combo class, all elements with main class turn into combo class. Also when ı duplicate the class the main class is effected. Please help… If ı change anything at any breakpoint, the element changes at the same time at all breakpoints.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to share a read only link, so none here.

Hey Marc,

Sounds like most likely you’re new to Webflow.
It’s easy to misunderstand how to use classes, combo classes, global classes…

The university will help you there.

Here’s also how to share your read only link, the instructions were at the bottom when you first submit your post.

Share a read-only link | Webflow University.

Just in case, make sure you don’t have any ad blockers, etc. running while you’re using the designer. It’s possible for an add-on to mess with things.