Combo class not working

Hi person reading this,

combo class is probably working just fine and I’m probably the one who is doing something wrong.

I’m using the template on this Webflow site:

And I’m wanting to have this section here on the homepage with 3 separate headings and an image on the right side.

The problem is, when I try and upload an image or change the text, it duplicates it on all three sliders/columns. Even when I give each a separate combo class name.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Many thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Collection list of 20 items. Put inside div - and h2 write “hello” the same div duplicate 20 times (One per collection item = Static element).


You can connect a static element to a collection field and dynamically update the content of that element.


This is not related to combo-class (All elements use the same class / structure).

Hi Ezra,

Thanks for your quick reply. And for explaining it’s not a combo class issue – good to know.

I’m still a bit confused as I have the ‘Get text from Projects’ button unticked. So then when I alter the heading manually, it duplicates it.

To be honest, I just want to be able to put in my own headings and images and not link them to projects. This was just a relic of the template. Is there any way I can disconnect it?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

No way to do the mix (Beside limit and filter tricks).

Or manually create 3 sections (And put in each one any content you want) -or Use collection list.

manually - create base class (Than add extra combo classes (One for each section - and change the BG for each section).

CMS collection with small diff for each card:

The best idea is to put any text you want inside the CMS feilds (Than bind this data).

If you want to create diff layout (One card with red button) - create “switch feild” -
red button - and show this button only if ==> red = true. And also go to the “blue” button and show only if ==> red = false. Works fine for simple changes (You can use the same concept for numbers (If larger than X), option menu (If option X), name (If name equal “hello”) and so on).

Hi Ezra,

Thanks for explaining the options.

I’ve tried to create 3 sections to put in any content but the new section is just pasting over the top one. And I can’t understand why as it’s underneath it:

10 16

Any ideas welcome.