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I really don't understand how Webflow is cascading css

I’m confused as to when and how I am supposed to use combo classes and when I am supposed to duplicate and why neither of them really seem to obey the rules of CSS as I understand them.

Let’s say I make a div with two divs inside it. I give this div a class of “box” and the first div inside it gets a class of “inner” and a background color.

I then duplicate that element and add a combo class to the div - it is now " box " with a combo class of “second.” I change the background color of the “inner” div. It changes it in both of my “box” divs. the combo class has done nothing.

I do the same exercise but now I duplicate the class. the second “box” div becomes “box copy”.
I change the background color of “inner” and it changes both instances. The duplicated class has no effect on the children inside it.

Am I missing something? is the intention that I am supposed to duplicate or add a combo class to every single element? So if I duplicate this element 6 times, I have to duplicate the class 6 times AND duplicate the class of the “inner” div every time? This seems like a lot of work. I’m coming from writing scss and this just feels nuts. I don’t understand why the combo class alone - which is the easiest for workflow - doesn’t allow me to make changes that only apply to children of the div with the combo class.

I’d love to hear an explanation. Thanks!

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Webflow provides this course on how classes and combo classes are maintained in the designer, in the event you missed it. However, it does not address your issue, IMHO.

I also long for standard CSS cascade functionality and find myself having to create multiple base classes and combo classes that I usually address through inheritance when writing CSS by hand. Funny thing is you can create nested styles from Rich Text elements that have a class, just not anywhere else.

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Thanks for the link, @webdev. I will watch. I’m, glad I am not just imagining it!