Finsweet CMS sorting + CMS combine giving me a headache

Hello everyone,

I have been building a site for a client with finsweet attributes. Maybe someone here can help me figure this out.

I am using CMS combine on this page to display all the listings at the same time. Otherwise, the CMS collection display limit is 100. My client wants to display all the results at once for 2 reasons.

  1. not to mislead the user regarding the number of listing displayed
  2. they wanted to be able to sort listings of the whole list. Because it appears that the sorting only works with visible elements of the list (even though I am not certain of this point)

So I used CMS combine to display 3 CMS collections at once. But the sorting stopped working because of it. The problem is that they need this sorting feature for the listings. Especially by lowest-highest price.

Here a live link : Browse All Property Listings - Exotiq Property

And read only link: Webflow - Copy for testing

I am looking for a solution on either how to make both work or if only one then the sorting.

Thank you!