Finsweet Attributes CMS Sort is ignoring year when sorting by date

CMS Collections get messy, I wish Webflow would allow you to combine two or more collection lists into one.

Thankfully Finsweet allows you to do things you can’t do on Webflow’s platform. In this case, I’m using two Attributes features to combine three collections lists into one, and sorting those lists by date.

Combine and Sort.

This is the test I’m running. When you click “Sort by date” you’ll see the items do just that. The issue I’m having is with the year. Meetup-4 is in the year 2024. It should be last, so it seems the sorting is ignoring the year.

Here is the working example:

Here it is read-only, in Designer.

Also using Webflow’s sort by date doesn’t work. This could be a bug, or something I’m not doing right.

It may be totally unrelated but Finnsweet has a list of accepted date formats in their documentation. You can try to change it (maybe add it as a hidden field and sort by it) and play with it a little.

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Yeah, read that and tried them all. Thanks though.

Allows sorting by date format:
July 4, 2021
July 4, 2021 13:30
07/04/2021 13:30
December 2021

Did you managed to resolve this? I’m experiencing the same issue Live site - read only link.

As an addition I don’t really want to have the button to sort these I’d prefer they were sorted newest to oldest, on page load but unsure how to do this.

No, it hasn’t been resolved. I tweeted @ Finsweet a few times, and they finally replied, suggesting my setup was wrong. They asked for a public link, which I posted and never heard back.

Here if you want to chime in:

There are many reasons to use these features, but a bug like this significantly impacts my workflow. I’ve spent hours planning my project, running tests, and investing time using their product. There isn’t anywhere to report bugs on their Finsweet’s website. I guess I would caution anyone who invests time in Finsweet Attributes.

Sorry, you’re struggling with this too, but I’m glad I’m not alone.

Ok. I was able to make this work. But, only if the format includes the year first (2022-4-5). I would still consider this a bug, but it’s workable.

I did get this to work, but unfortunately, I deleted my working example. to get the sort to work on load, try adding this script:

Use this guide: it solves on page load issue

@Finsweet, CMS SORT does not seem to work unless the format is yyyy-mm-dd format.
As @Mark_Braithwaite, mentions, this seems to be a bug…

Are there any known solutions or workarounds?

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I’m having an issue getting multiple CMS collections to actually sort.

Sorry this doesn’t help, but I’m having the same issue as well. Doesn’t matter what I do, I simply can’t get the two Collection Lists to sort. They simply stack, one after the other.

If you’re sorting by date you’ll need to use the format yyyy-mm-dd. Just do this by having two instances of the date on your item, one with the format you prefer visible, and a hidden instance with the yyyy-mm-dd format.


Wow… thats a clever workaround… I didnt think of that… Thanks :slight_smile:

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Absolute legend. Thanks so much.
Saved me so much trouble

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It’s really work!! Thanks, A Lot, I also get kinda stuck; finally, move on!!!