Combine Elements From 2 Templates 🤔

Hi. I saw a couple topics on this, but they were way old… hoping things have evolved since then. Currently I use Wordpress with Avada, but signed up to use Webflow for a few projects and quite excited. :grin:

Let’s say I like 3 different templates, and want to use 1 as the main one, and just certain sections from the other 2, to combine them on 1 layout. (I do this in Avada all the time.) With Webflow, do I buy all 3 templates, study the element, and somehow import said container into my workspace for main template?

Welcome to the community @brandydoll!

You’re correct that you’d need to purchase all three templates to use pieces from them in your project, however you can use the cross-project copy/paste feature to move specific pieces from one to the other.

It’s worth noting that if your using the Free Account Plan you can only have two un-hosted projects in your dashboard at any given time. If that’s the case, you’d need to publish the main template using a Site Plan first before you would be able to copy from the other two templates, as purchased templates appear as un-hosted projects in your account.

I’d personally recommend purchasing the main template and using the provided tutorials in the Webflow University to figure out how to create the sections from the other templates instead—it will get you familiar with the Designer and empower you to create future sections as needed without having to buy a separate template. You can always buy a template at a later date and learning the tools may save you some money in the end.

Hope that helps :metal:

Thank you Mike! Sounds good. Of course I could re-create it myself, just didn’t know if that was allowed, ha ha. This all sounds great and I will follow to the tee, thank you v. much :smiley_cat: