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Is it possible to copy content from one project to another

I’m working on my own site, but I’ve purchased a couple of templates (building a photography portfolio website) that I’d like to borrow some content from. For example, I like the way a gallery page works on a template, so I’d like to use that in what I’ve developed on my own work. Aside from having the projects open side by side in two browsers, can I “copy and Paste” parts of one project to another?

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Welcome to the community @dgamari!

You’re in luck! As long as you have the two projects in your Account, you can simply select the outer-most container element that you want to move and copy+paste it over to the destination site. If you want to take larger sections, whole pages, or multiple elements without their parent wrapper, just make sure you wrap those items inside their own div—you won’t be able to select multiple elements to copy+paste if you want to keep them “together”.

Keep in mind that any classes with the same name will be modified to prevent issues but otherwise I’ve found it “just works” in the instances where I’ve needed to use it.

You can find out more about the feature below and feel free to reach out if you run into any issues!

Thanks Mike! That was fast.

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