Two Webflow Templates, One Domain

Hi, I currently have a CMS site plan. I am wondering if it is possible to use two different templates on the same domain site.

For example the main site would be a webflow template.
Then would be a different template.
They would both use CMS. Not sure if that is possible to have two separate types of CMS for the same domain.

Is it possible to do use two different templates one Webflow CMS plan and domain?


Let’s say you want one style and layout for your site, and a completely different style and layout for your /blog . You’ve found both as templates.

You can buy both templates, and turn the primary one into your site… and then copy-paste the parts of the blog template to the pages where you are building your blog.

Two templates, one site, one CMS.

Note class names can get ugly quickly when you copy-paste, because as you begin making changes, new items you paste will be assigned new classes. Soon you’ll have Blog Heading 23. The easier way around this is to do all of your copy paste work at once, build out all of those blog pages with the template elements you want - before you begin making any adjustment to those styles. That will help minimize class duplication.

Also, check out the new Libraries feature, it’s basically templates chunked into parts- much easier for this kind of styled-part integration.

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Thanks Michael! Yeah, I actually tried exactly what you mentioned; buying two templates, copy/pasting, and it became a big mess! :wink:

I was curious if there was a better way, so this helps.

Libraries looks great - I’m assuming this is where you’re referring to:


Hahaha, I thought that might happen. It’s good you confirmed it. Libraries are a bit better because they tend to use a client-first class naming convention, so there is a lot less potential for conflict.

Correct, that’s libraries, and you can access them in the designer already. There are a good number of free ones you can add to your sites.

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Thanks for all the help. I hope I can find a very simple Blog template that doesn’t interfere too much with the main site! I’ll look through the Libraries too, maybe something good in there. :wink: