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Currently, when you click one on of our trips, you are taken to an external site, via Strikingly, where our audience can view our itinerary. I am seeking to abandon strikingly altogether and bring all of the itineraries to the main site. It’s overdue.

The goal is to make the itineraries as collections in order to easy updating and organization. My question is, how do I set up collections in order to make it look like our current itineraries?

We want to keep it very similar since the style has become synonymous with our brand.

Here are two examples of our current itineraries that live in strikingly which I want to bring to Webflow. All in all, there are 15:

I would love any recommendations on how to do migrate this in an efficient, aesthetic, and organized manner. Thank you so much in advance.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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So those examples are the template page of what you’d get in Webflow.

The structure is pretty simple. But you need to optimize the content of the collection so that you don’t reach the maximum collection field number.

So for each section like this

you need an image field and a rich text field. that’s already 6x2 12 fields for the 6 sections of a 5 days trip

For this section

same a rich text field, but maybe you don’t need a specific image and can keep the same image for all trips

The Form section is generic, I guess the same for all trips?

This one:

will be 2 text fields a video field and a rich text. 4 fields (so 12+1+4=17)

This one is 3 fields minimum:

So 17+3 20 fields. The limit is 30 so you have room for refinement, and expansion.

Because it’s for a 5 days trip. For every extra day it will cost 2 fields.

And you have to define, and design, the maxium number of days. Say 8 days (26 fields). For each day section you will add a conditional visibility saying “Display if day# is set”. So days that aren’t filled in the collection item won’t show up at all. But this maximum number of days can’t expand automatically.

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