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Non-clickable CMS Collection List items

Hello everyone!

I’m having an issue with Items in my Collection Lists:

I have several CMS Collections. For instance, one of them is “Posts” (which was already included in the package I chose) and “Viajes (ES)” (that I’ve created from scratch, presenting a selection of Trips).
I have an issue with that… Every list of “Posts” (latest, featured, etc.) has every single Post clickable. When you click on one of the Posts, you end up on the Template page of that specific Post. Now, I supposed that my “Trips (ES)” list would work the same way, but unfortunately it doesn’t. My Viajes in all their Collection Lists are not clickable and I do not see what I should do to make them clickable, so that they’d lead the user to their specific Viaje template pages (“Viajes (ES) Template”).

Could anyone help me out with that…?

You should be able to access my website here:

Thank you all in advance for your help !!! :wink:

Here is my public share link:
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I couldn’t find a collection list for viajes.

But in oder to make an item clickable, you need to add a link or link block, and to set the link to “Current item” or “current viaje”, using the purple icon in the links area in the settings tab.

Found it :slight_smile:


Thank you soooo much Vincent!

I had not seen that “Current… Thing” option. It works fine now!

Just one more question… Is it possible to place CMS Collection Pages (the dynamic templates) under a Parent Folder? For example, placing the collection pages in “Viajes (ES)” under my "ES"parent folder? So that the URL would read

Thank you again for everything!

Not at the moment.

In other CMS systems, the URL rarely transfer to a real life files structure. It’s just that those systems are proposing a lot of options for URL management/rewriting. URL rewriting can be an important part of SEO, sometimes.

It’s quite logical that Webflow bring URL rewriting, or options, one day. But it’s not a very crucial point, so the priority must be low. Just my opinion here :slight_smile:

You can go to the wishlist and try to find such an idea to vote to, or create a new one.

Bonjour et merci Vincent!!!

Two more questions, if you don’t mind :wink:

  1. How do I link to my Collection Page templates (ex. Actividades (ES)) in my Nav Menu. Am I obliged to set it up as an external link?

  2. I’m trying to connect a CMS Collection list containing all my photos (“Galeria de Fotos de ExploraMunt”) to a Lightbox, so that the Lightbox would get all the photos (and legend) directly from the CMS and display this on the static page “Galeria de Fotos ExploraMunt sobre nuestros viajes de senderismo, alpinismo y naturaleza!” in the “/ES/” folder. Unfortunately, I do not manage to feed the Lightbox the dymic photos from the CMS…
    There is this video, but it’s still pretty unclear to me:

Please, let me know if you can help me out… Merci bcp! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to check it out on the website (here:

Usually, you’d create a static page named Actividades, linked from the primary menu. And inside of this page, you’d place a collection list with teasers for all Collection items, each of one linking to the NODE page (item in the template). A primary link always link to a section or a page containing a list of items.