Collection Pages Not Showing

I’m having trouble linking a button on my homepage to a CMS Collection page that I’ve created.

The collection page template has been created and content is binding fine from the CMS so I know that works but when I try link a button to a collection page it’s not showing up from the settings.

ANy advice would be greatly appreciated as I just can’t figure this one out.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @brendanswil it looks like you may be doubling up on collections in your site which may be causing some confusion.

I see that you have the Homepage Project Sections collection, as well as a Client Projects collection.

I’d recommend that you combine these to just be one “Projects” collection.

From there, on the home page you’ll have a collection list of the projects with certain fields from that collection bound (like an image, name, link, intro paragraph perhaps). And then link off to your Collection page template where you’ll add your static design, and link up collection fields to bind the dynamic content.

I highly recommend working through this course on building out dynamic content:

Hi Waldo, thanks for the feedback. I eventually figured this one out.

I thought I had to create a separate template page especially for projects pages unaware that the pages were already created and I just had to populate it. All makes sense now and thanks for the support up until now, much appreciated!