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Multi-Reference Field Not Displaying When Binding Content to Layout

I’m setting up a simple help site and am using a multi-reference field to select a category for each help article created. On the help home page, I would like to display this category label above the featured article names. This should be simple, however, when I go to bind the text label to the CMS content I do not get the category details from the multi-reference field as an option.

Am I doing something wrong or experiencing a bug?

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You’ll need to drag in another collection list to link it to the multi-reference field:


Once you get it added, move the text element into the collection list and then you’ll be able to map it to your multi-reference names as expected:


Thank you for your quick response. I kept getting error messages when I was trying this yesterday, but it looks like I just wasn’t nesting the second collection block properly. Things are working as expected now. Thanks again!

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