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Collection List issue - Popup data

Hi there,
I´ve built an event-calender on my site (at the bottom, right hand side). The data is connected to my Collection-List called “Veranstaltungen” (yes… german). This works fine so far. Each item got the right data form the Collection-List.
I also added a “popup div”, which appears by clicking on the “plus icon”, to show more detail informations about the event. But by clicking on one of the “plus icons”, always the same detail data is shown up.
E.g. by clicking on the Event “HANNOVER” the informations of “BERLIN” are poping up. Same by “MAGDEBURG”…etc.
Maybe someone can give an advise, so i can fix this…
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I think I understand what happens. You haven’t limite your interaction so what happens is ALL the popups are fired at once and you get to see the last one, that’s why Berlin shows up.

You need to limit the “action on another element”. So your popup need to be either a child or a sibling of the link you click. You need to rethink your structure by either moving the popup, or the link you click.

I did that and it works:


So now only the popup of the item you’re clicking on is fired.

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Hi Vincent,

yes, that was the solution. Thank you very much for the respond. Go webflow! :blush: