Collection Popup Z Index Problem

Hi everyone - I’m running into a problem with a project where I need the “Tournament Details” button to trigger a popup - within the popup, I set some conditional visibility so that when the client uploads a featured image, that image shows over the default image - this won’t happen often, so the default image will be the primary popup graphic, but when there is a new one I need a way to have that show within the popup instead. Problem is, there seems to be a Z index problem by putting the popup within the collection list, but I’m pretty sure this is the only way to trigger the conditional visibility/show a featured image when the client uploads one. There is no greater Z index on the items currently overlapping, so I think it has to do with the popup being within the collection list.
I’m sure this is just a basic structural error - can anyone let me know what I could be missing here? I just need the popup to behave normally and overlay all items on the page in fixed position.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Bay 101 Casino

Anyone able to help with this?

There are a couple things you need to change @Maeve_McCarthy.

First of all your set up is a bit problematic as you are defining height of the popup to always be 900px which will be problem on smaller screens so that should work more like being 100vh (or whatever else) with max height of 900px and in general when you want it to be fixed try fixing it over full screen rather than moving it for a certain amount. If you want it to always stay in the middle you can have a wrapper wrapping the popup and then flexing the wrappers children to center.

Second thing would be your animation set up which is set in a way to work only on selected element which in CMS case won’t work. You need to set it up to work on a sibling with class popup and you need to make sure that the button and popup are actually siblings (same hierarchy level preferably next to one another).

Let me know if this helps, if it doesn’t I’ll record a Loom to explain