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CMS Link pulling from wrong source

Hey all, I’m have a sort of a bizarre problem with the Events section on my page:

Notice that the page is pulling the right information from the CMS (images, text, etc), however, when it comes to the link it is only linking to one entry, all of the “events” are linking and taking to the same page. I have spent hours trying to figure out what could be wrong with no success. Am I making a mistake or is it a bizarre glitch?

Thank you!

You’ve pile up 5 collection lists one on top of the other. The link caught is probably the one of the list on top, maybe you’re just hiding the other lists with opacity? Hiding an element doesn’t prevent it to catch clicks. You have to halt its display too.


So only the evento-4 link can be clicked. Use display:none after opacity reached 0, to let the click reach the elements underneath.

Wow yeah that was definitelly it, thank you Vincent!

I would love to have it all in one collection, but I need the button to trigger specific “events” and I haven’t figure if theres a way to do it without stacking up collection on top of collection, do you have any suggestion?

Thank you !!!