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Pop-Up Within CMS Item

Hey Webflowers!

I’ve got an issue with a CMS Pop-up Modal. I’m currently getting the structure of the site together so please excuse the lack of creativity!

My issue is that in a collection list, I’ve created a pop-up modal where you can see more about the person by clicking a button (this button is within the cms item itself). When the pop-up modal opens, it looks as though it’s trying to pull through all of the other details for other team members. This makes sense in my head and I can sort of see why it’s doing it - I’m just struggling to see how I can resolve the issue.

Side note: I can’t seem to get the close button for the modal to work, however, this might be due to the fact that the modal itself is glitching so much.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Share link for anyone who needs more info:

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Jacob, see if this helps.

I see Henrik had the same issue.