Collection List - Collection items skip an area on the page in Safari

I built a collections list in Chrome and Safari for a Team page with 12 items - 3 across. Items 11 and 12 would have a blank space between them. I did a work-around fix at the time and ended that one collection list with 10 items, then created a new collection right below it with 2 items, filtering for items 11 and 12. It looked fine.

I published the site, thought it was good, but now my blog collection list is doing something similar but only in Safari (it’s fine in Chrome). My blog collection list should have 2 rows of 3, but it’s skipping the 3rd item in the first row, second row looks fine, and it’s creating a 3rd row with one item. Please help!

read-only file:

Thank you!

Update - I tried rebuilding it, it looked fine, but as soon as I hit the wrap children button, it pushed the 3rd item to the second row again (and it should be 2 rows of 3). Is it a bug?

Hi @kvw

Thanks for posting about this. There are a couple of things that could be causing the issue but it’s tough to say for sure without knowing what page and section you are seeing the issue. Can you please let me know where the issue is happening? :slight_smile:

​Thanks in advance!

Sorry about that (and thanks for your reply). Although I saw the same problem twice, the one described above is on page blog-2. I did a work-around for now, by creating 3 collection lists with one row of 3 each, but it would a lot easier if it could just be wrapped.

I would like to keep it “show-worthy” for my client - is it possible for you to change the limit of the first collection list to 6 and then check the box for wrap children to recreate the problem? Or do I need to do it?

Thank you!

Sorry: plage blog-2, Collection List 4

Hi @kvw

Thanks for letting me know! I made a quick video showing one way to resolve this:

Hope this helps!

That does help! Thank you for your time and reply.

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