Collection List wrapper messing up

My website works perfectly fine when on full desktop view, but as soon as I go to tablet view it decides that it doesnt want to do 3 in a row as it should, instead it squashes all six into a row and pushes them out the side of my website, i have tried just about everything and nothing seems to work, it is fine in every view except tablet view, i mean, ideally i would have two in a row in the second smallest view but im happy with one, i just dont get why in tablet view it wants to squash them all in a row and push them out the side.

Here is my site: (Blog)
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There are a lot of styles applied to the Tablet breakpoint on the Collection List and its children that are overriding the styles you have set for desktop. One by one, starting with Collection List 2, click on any styles in the styles panel that are blue and then click reset. If you do this for all the children elements it should revert back to the Desktop layout of 3 columns.