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Google Chome & Safari Problem, possibly some weird bug


Starting off, here’s my read only link.

Now, my collection list is doing something weird. See below:

My collection list is paginated with my podcast episodes. Only on PAGE 3, with one episode, it slips down and doesn’t align with the rest. This only shows on my website and in preview mode, and not when im in actual edit mode.

Why is it doing this and what’s the fix?


Did you happen to get this fixed? I just took a peek at the live staging site and everything looks fine to me (most recent version of Chrome on Windows 10).

Unfortunately did not. I just added another podcast, so the problem has now moved on to page 5 and 9. Any ideas what to do?

Ah okay I see the issue. Go ahead and change the display of your .podcast-collection-list to flex and make sure the children are set to wrap:


Now each row of your list will expand to ensure none of the individual elements are pushed out of the way :+1:

Interesting, would have never thought of that. Thank you very much.