CMS collection list behaving weird

Hi Community,

I’m working on my first Webflow website and I used the Business template as a base for it. Everything seems to be going okay except on the blog page the CMS collection lists behaves weird. On the first row it shows two items except on the second row it seems like it doesnt fit… I have tried sizing them all down but it doesnt work. Anyone know the mistake i’m making?

The page is called “Blog”.

I still need to learn a lot so it could be a simple mistake…

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Project new

Your site read-only link doesn’t seem to work. Get that fixed and I’m sure someone will be able to help!

The link should be working now.

For more control, change the display to flex to your Blog List wrap class and allow the children to wrap. This should solve your issue.

There are multiple ways to approach what you want but this might be the most straight forward one.

I did what you said but then it instantly goes to one row only. Even if i increase the minimal width of blog list wrap it starts overflowing the page… Is there a way to get them in rows of 2?

Did you by any chance forget to set the ‘Children’ to ‘wrap’ on the Blog List Wrap class?

You were right, it has been fixed now! Thank you!