Collection inside a collection

hi, i’d like to know if it’s possible to put a collection within a collection. I’m reasonably familiar with reference and multi reference field but I can’t seem to do what i’d like to do.

I have a CMS Collection called Projects, and i’d like to put a progress blog within the CMS collection page template. So what i’d end up with is the Projects collection link taking the user to the individual project page, and then there would be a blog, again from a CMS collection which would run within that page, relevant to that project.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Onions.

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Looking for this too!
Any way to do that?

You want to be able to associate 1 blog post to each project, and display the blog post on the project collection page?

Add a reference field linked to blog posts in the project collection.

For each project, set the associate blog post. In the collection template page, just drag your blog posts components (title text… )and link them to the blog post elements

yes but no way to multi-reference as far as I understood right?