2 collections on 1 page, possible?

Hi there

I have 2 CMS collections:

  • blog articles
  • book summaries

Wondering if it’s possible to refer to 2 collections on the same page?

e.g Assume this is one Article called: “How the Tin Man found happiness”.
Underneath, I’d like to have

Related Article (from “blog articles” collection)

  • Parenting for happiness

Related books (from “book summaries” collection)

  • The Happiness Project
  • The Happiness Trap

e.g. here’s a sample articles that only has with the “Related Article” (“blog articles” Collection). I’d like to add the “Related Books” using “book summaries” Collection)

My readonly site is here

Thanks in advance!


Yep you can have multiple collections on the same page. Just need to add the second collection list element and reference the required collection.

Hi @Thomas_92. That worked well. For some reason I couldn’t add a multi-reference field pointing to another collection last time.


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