Collection Filters does not show Category in first dropdown

Collection Filters does not show Category in first dropdown, making it impossible to hide the current item (

I have a previous collection page that has this filtering enabled and still active, If I remove it, I cam’t add it again as well as the option in the first filter dropdown is missing.

Sorry I can’t share a read-only version of my site, but this is pretty straight forward if you try.
Thank you

Hi there,

Thank you so much for reaching out about your filtering not working as you expect for you Collection items.

This does sound like odd behavior.

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of both the filtering options selected, the Category selected within the Collection item, and a screenshot of the Category Reference.

This would be helpful as we try to pinpoint the solution for you.

My collection is called Testimonial

Here is the filter that I set a few months ago and they work nicely

If I re-open this filter Testimonial is still selected (nice), but is nowhere in the dropdown list

If I switch to title or any other field of my collection, I cannot select Testimonial again

Thank you for the additional screenshots as it was very helpful.

I was able to take a look at your CMS Collection Items and noticed that there is not a “Testimonial” field within the Collection:

Would this item have been previously deleted?

If so, feel free to re-add this field.

Indeed there nether was a Testimonial field. Testimonial is the name of the collection.

I am simply trying to apply Example 2 - Hide current item of the Filtering collection list webflow guide, which says I should be able to select the Collection name in this Dropdown,

Selecting the Collection Item would only be available within the particular Collection Template page

You can see how this would be available within your Testimonial template at the following short screen-capture:

Also, as a possible solution I mentioned that a Testimonial field could be used as a “Switch” field for Testimonials that you would like to be “Current” :

OK I got it my collection list was in a Symbol in the Testimonial page. This is what breaks the behaviour. I moved it out of the symbol works great. It just looks like it is possible to create the symbol after and it still works

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Oh, that makes sense.

Glad I could help! :webflow_heart:


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