Category filter not showing up in category template

in the categories template > choose the collections list > under settings > filters

category is current category

that option is not available on other projects. It will also dissapear when you click on another option.

how can you achieve this on new projects when “category is current category” is not available?

screencast showing that option dissapear:

Here is my public share link:

Looks like its working to me:

Is that not what you want?

watch my screencast.

you will notice that once i choose another option, the category option disappears

I’m having trouble on all of my templates getting the category option to even appear.

Ok I see your problem now, unfortunately, I am unable to replicate the same issue. It appears that the scroll bar on the dropdown isn’t there as “categories” is the last option within that dropdown list. This is a bug within webflow and should be posted here.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.