Collection Filter Bug?

Hi there,

I’ve encountered a bug with collection filter that I can’t fix on my own… Basically, I’m seing the collection item that shouldn’t be displayed as it doesn’t match the condition.

I’ve tried to unpublish/publish the whole site, the collection item, created the page from scratch… even cleared Chrome cash, nothing seems to be working.

Is there some sort of Webflow site cash that I can try to clear?

Hey @Sergey_Grushko, welcome to the Webflow Community!

That is pretty weird what’s going on. It is difficult for me to attempt to troubleshoot because in a read-only I can’t save changes to collections or collection items.

A couple thoughts I have after looking, and suggestions to track down the issue:
-I noticed that you have two items that are getting past the filter(Gary Gerard & Patrick Saavedra). One thing they have in common is that both items are referencing a ‘Think Tank’ in the Co-Chair field. I would remove that reference so that the Co-Chair field is blank, but only on one of them! If that hides the item from the list, then your issue should be identified. Both your ‘Chair’ and ‘Co-Chair’ multi-reference fields reference the ‘Think-Tanks’ collection, so I am wondering if the way the Field/ is Set filter works is that it actually just monitors whether or not the specific collection(Think Tanks) is being referenced by the collection item(Gary, Patrick) as a whole. Could be, but I have no idea. Another way to test is use one of the ‘People’ collection items that is currently being filter successfully and start adding reference connections. If you connect one-by-one and then check to see if they are visible you should be able to rule references in or out.
-All of the reference fields below ‘Company’ are Multi-Reference Fields. Will any of your collection items have a person that is a Chair of multiple Think Tanks? Or a Co-Chair of multiple Think Tanks? You have tons of collection items so I am not going to look through and attempt to answer those myself. But if the answer is no, perhaps change them from Multi-Reference Fields to Single-Reference Fields, I have no evidence to support this but perhaps it would help.
-If you haven’t already, contact Webflow Support. This very well could be a bug, and they should be able to provide insight into why it might be happening.

I’ve encountered the same issue.

A filter on a collection list that tests if a multi-reference field is set does not always correctly filter out items that do not have a value set for this field.

It does not appear to be due to other fields referencing the second collection, as suggested by the previous poster - I have replicated the issue in two sites where there is only a single reference to the collection.

Things that appear to cause an item to not be filtered correctly:

  • adding multiple entries at once via the Webflow “add sample collection items” functionality - items created with no value set for this field are not filtered
  • having a value set for this field and then later removing it - the item is not then filtered as it should be

Things that appear to cause an item to be filtered correctly:

  • creating a new item, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve raised with WF support.

Read-only link demonstrating this bug.