Collaboration Between different users

Hi there,

One friend is doing an Art website. Where I am participating. And I need to create my idea in a page inside ton her website. How can I do to have access to her website and work on there?
Is there some collaboration feature?

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Our team plan isn’t really designed for two independent designers collaborating on one site. The price per user in a team would be in addition to your individual designer plans.

One workflow that people use is transferring the project back and forth. You would both need pro plans for this.

We’re open to suggestions for ways to make this workflow better.

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Another possibility is that if you make your page in a separate site, and enable cloning, she can clone the site then copy your page to her site.

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I am also looking for the related query…
Its helpful…

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Yes, we have solved the issue through cloning. Since build up the extension from it.
Thanks a lot.

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I am not sure if in understand the suggestions in relation to the original question.

If I understood @CamiApi correctly then she wants to collaborate.

How can transferring or cloning help, if both make changes at the same time?
At the end both versions have to be merged somehow together, right?

Thanks for clarification, maybe I did not understood correctly.