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Gathering online design feedback


When sharing my designs with clients I would like to gather online feedback. I know that s not possible with webflow. I have searched the web. But most tools only allow for design feedback on images, not on html pages.

I imagine a tool that I input my webflow design-url in that puts a feedback framework around the webflow pages, or any other pages for clients to use to give feedback.



I actually use for collaboration…

I found it… it’s called TrackDuck

You enter any URL and add it as a project. Next reviewers install a Chrome (or other browser) extension and can give feedback on your project.

TrackDuck has a great UI.


I actually mentioned this to the Webflow team a while ago. It would be a great feature to have in the staging phase. A place to discuss the design with teammates and/or clients.

I tried track You are able to insert comments, etc. Doest that really nice. But it doesn’t distinguish between responsive breakpoints. So comments are always visible, whichever breakpoint you are at.

Comes close but not it.

Keep exporting those html pages to images and use InVision.


Ah, that would be a great feature for TrackDuck.

We’ve thought of adding something like this into Webflow. We don’t think it’s the right time to implement it quite yet.

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