Coder Request - Help Fix My Order Form (CSS + JS)

Hey Webflowers!

I need help with custom CSS styling on an Order Form fit my style-guide, as well as tweaking the Javascript(?) to work better on mobile (UI/UX). I use Foxycart / as my cart system, so it is possible for me to use CSS code snippets on Foxycart Admin panel for rendering the form. I just don’t know how to code :disappointed_relieved:

I notice that on iPhone, sometimes the form can interfere with the Apple Safari app interface, and could cause a potential customer to leave my site due to frustration trying to fill out the form. I’d imagine similar issues on other mobile browsers as well. Example: If the order form has a lot of customizable options, then scrolling can be a pain + the “Submit” button on the form is tough to use.

  • The Order Form is located in a modal on the Animation Templates page (CMS dynamic page) after clicking the “ORDER NOW” button.
Password is 09871234qaz

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Here is my Webflow Designer public share link: LINK

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