How do I replicate these forms?


I am seeking some help with replicating how these sites take orders with their forms, and be able to create something similar (but better).

Example 1:

Example 2:

To be clear, I’m just curious how their order forms are generally working.

I need to be able to take orders from customers who upload their own graphic, enter desired text, and perhaps pick custom colors, THEN submit a payment (checkout that takes payment + sends me the assets from the customer).

@foxy, I’ve been eyeballing your platform. Would your cart be able to handle something like this? If so, how would you do it?

Hi @anonmusic.
Thanks for considering Foxy! Your first link example isn’t working, but I think I understand what you’re after, and yes, this is possible with our cart.

There are a few ways this can be handled:

  1. Use Webflow’s form builder to build out the product form (all billing info will be securely collected on checkout page, so you don’t have to ask for that in this form)

  2. Use an easy form builder like JotForm to build out your product form (their form builder works nicely with Foxy and you can piggy back on some great built-in features like file upload, Dropbox integration, and more)

  3. Design your form in Webflow’s designer, but embed html for a more controlled form.

Foxy and Webflow both work great with Uploadcare’s form widget that can be added at the product level or checkout level:

There are most likely even more ways to pull off what you’re after. I’m more than happy to explore these options with you and put together a demo for you. Feel free to message me here in the Webflow forums, hop on chat at, give me a call, or email


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@foxy / Josh,

Thanks for getting back with me!

I just checked that first link, and yep… it’s an expired domain (not mine though… posted it for reference).

The second link works though, and still shows what I’m after.

I actually stumbled across a different thread that was seeking similar inquiries about upload forms being used during checkout process. I started some R&D into what kind of ‘stack’ I’m gonna need running on the back end, so I REALLY appreciate your expertise and advice on this!

I’m gonna have to start tinkering around a bit to see what I can put together.

Hi @anonmusic.
No problem at all. Definitely let me know if you need anything at all.


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