Form Submit that goes to Paypal Checkout Page

I have a very niche request that I REALLY hope Webflow can do. I am recreating a website where the previous website had a custom code order form that the customer filled out the information and pressed submit and then it took them to a PayPal checkout page with all of the selections in their paypal order.

I just created a webflow form and want to be able to do that same functionality. Has this been done before?

I am not on an Ecommerce plan I am on a CMS plan.

I want to be able for them to fill out the form on the website and then the submit button take them to Paypal with the preselected feilds in the order form.

Someone please assist!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - CH Publishing Main)
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Paypal has some script & html integrations you can use, if you have a paypal business account and define your products there. The website site is just HTML+JS so it will work on a Webflow site just fine.

It’s pretty crude though.

If you need something more shopping-cart-like, you probably want to go with something like

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