CNAME Hosting support. Site not working. Need to work

Hi, Webflow team! Today im buy a Hosting for site. My site still not working after Publish. I’m talking with my domain registrator, he say that i must write the mail for Webflow support.
Please check my CNAME for site for find and eliminate the Error. Thanks!

Hey @neowave

Can you please e-mail about this with your screen shots?

i’m receive only an automatical message.

Hello Andrey?
А где домен зарегистирован, какой это сервис?

Hi @neowave, I took a quick peek and your DNS records for the A Records and the CNAME record look correct. The nameservers that are pictured in the screenshot are pointed to:

A public whois on the domain however, shows that the nameservers in use on the domain are:

So while the A Records and CNAME records look correct, you will probably have to check with the DNS registrar support to verify that your domain is pointed at the correct nameservers. If you need some additional help, I welcome you to send a mail to :smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Big thanks! I’m try connect my hosting provider dns. I’m try to write the mail in registar support. Maybe on my hosting the CNAME & A Records works fine.

Site is opened after wait, so don’t panic )

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