CNAME and TXT DNS records

Hi all,

I seem to be having an issue with DNS settings, we have updated the DNS settings for the domain name and when we come to check the status in the settings the first two A Records are fine but the CNAME and TXT records do not seem to work. I have checked the DNS over and over and they are correct but Webflow just will not connect. has anyone else had this issue and does anyone have any ideas as to how I can solve the issue.

Thanks in advance

Hey Andrew unfortunately the project readonly link doesn’t allow us to see your hosting settings. The first place to look though is at your DNS.

What custom domain name are you trying to connect to Webflow?

I have not had this issue, but a couple of thoughts…

There are 3 parts to this:

  1. You have settings where you host your DNS .

  2. Once those settings are saved, they are propagated to all of the public DNS servers.

  3. Now Webflow has visibility into those settings by reading them from those public DNS servers.

Anyone one of those 3 parts could be breaking down.

Steps to identify and fix…

It sounds like you’ve done a thorough job of step 1. So let’s skip making sure you’ve set this up properly with your DNS host.

For step 2, add your domain to this site:

Does it come back with the settings you’ve made?

If yes…

The issue is on Webflow’s end and the quickest path to victory is reaching out to Webflow support. They’ll get it fixed for you.

If no…

The issue is with your DNS host. If you truly have those settings created, and they are not showing up in that tool I linked, then it’s on their end.

Reach out to their support.

Not the quick fix you were hoping for but maybe it helps!

…if in doubt work through the Webflow University DNS Troubleshooter.

It could be something as simple as the nameservers not set to the default, so just work through the checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything.