Connect Website To Crazy Domains

Has anyone else had problems connecting their site to Crazy Domains?

I have entered the A Records and CNAME record as instructed, but my site still wont connect and I get an error message when I go to the URL.

I have also turned on the SSL function in the Webflow backend, and set the “www” url as the default.

I even called up the Crazy Domains tech line and they didn’t know what was up :frowning:

Thanks for the help!!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Zak,

Corrected: cname I have in crazy is (for ssl) no dot at the end.

Then be patient (up to an hour for crazy I have found).

Check there are no conflicting a or cname records.

Hey mate,

Thank you so much for the response!

When I try to enter the “” in my CNAME record, it gives me an error.

Have you had this problem?

Sorry that is wrong. Correct cname I have working in crazy domains is (no dot) The sub domain for this record is www

My name servers are and ns2. Your must be premium DNS numbers?

A records look right.

I had similar issues a month ago. I think I ended unpublishing and starting again then is clicked into gear after an hour or so. It definitely isn’t instant.

Mmmmmm interesting.

Yep, I’m set up with premium DNS.

It’s so strange because I set that up 15+ hours ago which is annoying.

How did you go about unpublishing? I might give that a go!

Aaaaand it’s connected now. No bloody idea what changed!

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Good one . Probably the fact you changed name servers and cname. propagation overload.

Who knows hahaha.
Thanks for the help though, really appreciate it!!