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CMSlist content format problem

Dear fellows,

I have been wrestling with this problem for hours. I really need a hand on solving this.

I seems to have aligned everything in the designer, after publishing the site, the format in the collection list go awry. The rich text under the collection image is covered up by the image in the next roll.

I have a collection list on another page that does not have this problem. What is wrong with this?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - 已發佈官網


I have figured it out my self… it is actually kinda dumb.
I have set some size property on a larger breakpoint the day before and it cascade downward to the default break point. After publishing the website the browser displays the size settings of the CMS collection list from the behaviors in a larger break point.

Sorry to bother everyone.

If webflow could remind me that I have changed something in a larger break point…I really don’t mean to edit it the day before, yet I clicked on the larger break point icon accidentally… hours passed before I figure it out.