CMS Collection not displaying correctly in preview/builder

Hi, I am have a strange and frustrating problem.

I am using the CMS to design a dummy version of a lineup for a festival. The layout is very simple: 3 columns and as many rows as needed for however many artists.

I created it relatively easily a while ago but when I went to revisit it this week the content has not been displaying correctly. I can only see 2 of the 6 images I have linked from the CMS which in turn has knocked all the text out of whack as well. The thing is - this problem only occurs in the Webflow preview and developer view. If I go to the published site everything is appearing as expected.

Also if I cycle through the different mobile views everything appears as I had hoped, but as soon as I go back to desktop view and click in or out of preview mode, visually, the collection breaks again.

I have tried completely rebuilding the CMS Collection from scratch. I have tried using the collection columns option for layout and then changing to the grid layout but both have ended up in the same problem.

Am I missing something here or is this just a frustrating bug? Any help would be super appreciated, thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK