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Collection item looks different in published view


I built my website using CMS collection, the image is supposed to fill each column of my website, but when I published it the size of the image content changes drastically. What is going wrong?

This is the designer view

This is the published view

Here’s a read only link:


My CMS items area also doing crazy things. Safari will make them full width while chrome ads tons of space between them on top and bottom…I submitted a ticket through my site.

I just checked my site and found a solution
what works for me is to change the width of the collection image setting from auto to 600px.

Hope that works out for you too.

is your site only doing this with CMS items? Do you get different results in safari v chrome?

yes. it’s only doing it for collection items, I tested with normal images and it’s fine. and it works for chrome and safari