CMS placed images different size on two Collection pages (uploaded images same resolution)

Through Webflow CMS collection, I created a blog post template, including a cover image. Out of the 7 posts I uploaded to the database, 6 work perfectly. However, on one the image ends up being larger, leading to another element covering the image and the blog text below partially. The images are all the same resolution of 2100 x 1400 and in the Webflow preview mode, everything is as supposed, only once published this problem appears.

Would really appreciate some suggestions, I’m very new to Webflow and inexperienced.
Thanks a lot in advance.

UPDATE (4.Juli.22): I was able to fix the problem, by changing the container that contains the image, header and main text of the article from Inline-block to Block, which solved the problem. I however could not figure out, why this was only happening to one of the 9 articles, and also, why it only happened in published state, while in preview mode everything looked perfect.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1