CMS wont populate

Hi, for some reason my CMS info will not even show when I try to link the price and image from my collections. It works perfectly on the static product page but for the “e-commerce category” page its not letting me connect price and images things. For the price just blog options display, not what I created. Not sure why. Any advice would be much appreciated.

You’ve bound a collection of categories to the template. This collection has no images in it.

If you want to get the images from the products you need to bind it to the products collection and use conditional visibility to only show products that are books or whatever.

Thanks! How do I change the visibility? Going into CMS settings I dont see it

Hey, one more thing. Seems that I cant have two diff conditional visibility for the diff pages. I make one for books and jthe journals category just uses that

You can either make static pages for the categories or duplicate the content you need to show/hide and set different conditions on them.

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