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CMS elements not showing up in editor

Trying to learn webflow via a youtube video and when he tells me to add a text block to a div and then connect it to my CMS elements, it doesn’t work. I add the text box and then as soon as I connect it to my CMS, the text completely disappears. I’m probably making a stupid mistake but I can’t figure it out.

Right now the “#JargonFree” is supposed to be populating from my CMS categories collection but I just wrote it out since it kept disappearing when I connected it.

Here is my read only link

Hi @Ellen_Muench and welcome. Your main problem is that you are creating collection (list of articles) in Page Template. Page Template (CMS Collection Page) is used to design how eg. ONE blogpost should look like. You should populate collection list on standard page e.g Home

Ahhh this is super helpful. Thank you!!!

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hi @Ellen_Muench glad to help, feel free to close this request by marking any response as solution.