CMS Video: Not giving me the option to get video from the collection

I’m trying to embed a video onto my collection pages. I created a video link field in the CMS, and entered a youtube link for one of my CMS items. I dragged a video element onto that collection’s template page. As far as I can tell, I did exactly what Webflow U suggests in their instruction here.

But when I drag the video element onto the page, I don’t even get the option to Get Video from Collection. I can’t tell what I’ve set up wrong. I’d rather do this the “straightforward” way (even if it means using YouTube embeds instead of something visually cleaner) and not use custom code.

Anyone seeing how to fix this? Thanks.

Here is my public share link

The video field type in the CMS is generic, not YouTube-specific. You can even paste things like Twitter/X tweet links in there.

To bind it, you need the generic Video element, not the YouTube video element on your canvas.

I did that… (I actually tried all three types of video element - youtube, background, and generic - just to troubleshoot… all three are on the canvas still, the generic video is at the top.)

I have the generic video element on the page, but when I click on it, it doesn’t bring up the CMS binding options.

Webflow’s updated their UX recently, click that little purple dot.

Hoolllly moly, thank you. I was fully ignoring that dot, thinking of it as a variable that I didn’t need… sheesh.