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CMS Video Field not working - CMS API


When pulling in a URL from the API to fill the ‘Video Field’ within a webflow collection is doesn’t show on the live site as a video.

This issue is with the API call, if I was to manually enter the video URL into my collection it would populate onto my live site.

I’m struggling heavily on finding a solution to this. There are a few closed topics on the Webflow forum which are exactly the same as the post I’m writing, however, there is no solution fro what I have seen.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Screenshot from my input in Airtable. This then either added to an existing collection or creates a new collection.

This is webflow collection that has been created and has populated the fields from Airtable. the issue is the video isn’t able to show in this collection nor in the live site.