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BLOG CMS : Anatomy URL

Hi everybody, :sunny:

I’m finalizing my blog with architecture and URLs, but I’m stuck.
Indeed, I would like to have:

But currently, I can have just

For information, we want to create our blog with a home page that includes all articles published by date. And today on my homepage I can put just one category and not all mixed.

Here is the tree that we are trying to have

Sorry if i am not very clear but

Bilal :smiley:

No way. All posts use the same collection-url. Anyway from SEO aspect - endless sites use this pattern (Or stores for product page).

Even SEO pro sites like moz:

Maybe in the future webflow will have more options for slugs control (To bind category or date) - like WordPress:
/{{ category}}/slug

Also archive auto arrange by months - you find this in wordpress (In my opinion its not so useful). Almost zero traffic you get for “/may-18” in average site.

Their is an option to create two collections (But its harder to manage/design/edit over time) + Will work for two collection (Not for 4-10)

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